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Residential Bulk Firewood

Kiln Dried Bulk Michigan Firewood

Our Kiln Dried firewood makes for easy lighting, less smoke, and clean burning. Kiln dried wood burns 40% hotter than seasoned firewood and has a reduced moisture level of 18%-20%. The high temperature used to Kiln Dry will kill all insect infestation and greatly reduces the chance of mold. We are USDA Certified and State Park approved.

Semi-Seasoned Firewood

Our Semi-Seasoned firewood is firewood that has been cut, split and seasoned approximately 5 months. This may be a more economical choice than Kiln Dried but this firewood needs to be stacked and finish seasoning. Our Semi-Seasoned Firewood is not USDA Certified.


We deliver residential heating wood to the following areas:

Luce County | Mackinac County | Chippewa County | Alger County | Delta County | Marquette County

Our firewood is available for residential bulk firewood delivery or can be picked up at our facility. Our employees will be happy to help load your firewood into your truck or trailer.

Low income heating assistance programs are available.

Please contact us for more information or to order your firewood today.